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Tuesday, 8 November 2011


After my running down of a certain seaside town yesterday I decided to take a little drive down there to see if I was right. Welllllll, it was O.K. Bit messy, full of people who should have jobs standing around outside "Poundland" and "Superdrug". Middle aged men wearing bomber jackets straight out of the 80's (1980's I think!), ill fitting jeans and white Lacoste trainers. Singles mums (I assume!) walking round with a cigarette butt hanging from their lips trying to get their offspring addicted to nicotine before they can walk. The pier is still there. Why can't Mother Nature do us all a favour and claim it from us. Tsunami, coastal erosion, lightning, any of them would do the job for me!!! Yup, I think im going to check the estate agents for property prices!!! Oh, I have Man-Flu.

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