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Monday, 7 November 2011

Bad film...

I wanted to like Wrong Turn 4. If it were only a little like the first one I would have been happy. I'm not even going to give it anymore inches.
So Felixstowe. I think we should give it to Essex. Its not really a Suffolk town is it? Yes i know its IN Suffolk, but it just doesn't really cut the mustard. Its a bit like Lowestoft.  I believe that it's actually in Norfolk. I know Felixstowe is "classier" than its northern friend but you know what I'm saying.
Of course I'm only joking.  I enjoy going to parts of Felixstowe.  Languard Fort. Thats always worth a look.  A dated pier to which you get through by passing all the nice young people in the run down arcades. Mcdonalds. Errr, right. On that note...

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