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Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Autumn Leaves

Washing up. Don't you just love it. Not me. But it's just got to be done. So I better go and do it. Be right back.
That's my little boy to the left. I think he's great. Always smiling. Always happy. Most of the time. I'm thankful that he loves it when the camera comes out. I think in the 21 months he's been around I must have taken around 11,000 photos of the little blighter. Is that a lot? Maybe. What is the average amount of pictures a proud parent take sof their loved ones when they are growing up? I think im probably on the higher end of the scale though. This afternoon I'll be taking more as his little friend is round to play and we are goin to go for a walk in the autumn leaves. There's a beautiful place I used to go when I was a boy which is not very well known, and hopefully it will stay that way. So many places have been spolit. Oh this could turn into a rant so I better stop there. Right, I'm off to play, enjoy yourselves...

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